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Interviews and More

This is a small selection of interviews, presentations and featured articles with and about Maya

World Women's Day Interview on World Vegan Market

A fabulous interview for World Women's Day, with Shabari Monica Das, founder of World Vegan Market. I went very deep and personal here, touching some very painful moments that had built me, strengthened and pushed me. I hope you'd find it inspiring

5 March 2023


Vegan, Women, Fiction Authors Round Table

The first of its kind, all-vegan, all-women, all-FICTION-authors, round table live event, on WORLD BOOK DAY, 2 March 2023.

Five fiction authors: M. C Ronen, Suli Autagavaia, Ray Star, Whitney Metz and Ondine Sherman, hosted by non-fiction author and journalist Jackie Norman.

A display of talent, sisterhood, collaboration, creativity and deep compassion for all earthlings. 


'Did You Bring The Hummus?' Podcast

It was a sheer pleasure for me to be a guest on this podcast. Not only it has a brilliant name, but Kimberley was so lovely and so friendly, I felt not like a guest, more like a long-time friend! I hope you’d enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed being part of it.

20 February 2023 


Sentient Media Writers Collective

A presentation to the Sentient Media Writers Collective, titled 'Developing Vegan Characters in Fiction Writing'.

12 January 2023

Access to members of Sentient Media only - request to join via this link.


Vegan Visibility Podcast

The FIRST FICTION AUTHOR to be Interviewed by Kathleen Gage, for the Vegan Visibility Podcast. A great, in-depth conversation with the highly-accomplished Kathleen, about the driving forces behind Maya's veganism and her award-winning writing. 09 January 2023 


Lucia's Vegan Lifestyle on Amazon Live

A lovely, warm, and supportive conversation with this compassionate host, who has great passion for promoting vegan products, lifestyle and books! 15 December 2022


Stuff News and The Dominion Post Newspaper

'How I write: Dystopian thriller author M. C Ronen on the writers who have influenced her'

14 December 2022 

Stuff logo.PNG

Vegan FTA

'Forging a Vegan Fiction Genre' (as also published by the NZ vegan Magazine) by Jackie Norman.

4 December 2022 

Vegan FTA Logo_edited.jpg

Jamie's Corner

Interviewed by Jamie Logan of the Jamie's Corner podcast. A very friendly and informal conversation (no video) about animals, dairy, activism, writing, and BOOKS! 24 November  2022


The Bloody Vegans Podcast

Interviewed by Jim Moore, of The Bloody Vegans Podcast, about veganism, activism, The Liberation Trilogy and winning awards

8 October 2022

BV Pod.png

New Zealand Vegan and Plant based Living Magazine

a 3-page feature about Maya and The Liberation Trilogy in the Spring issue of the New Zealand Vegan Magazine

September 2022 


Animal Liberation Hour

Animal Liberation Hour Podcast with Trey Morrow of Animal Activism Mentorship, Episode 26 .

2 August 2022


Literary Titan

'The Pain we Inflict'

 Author feature on the Literary Titan website. 

17 July 2022


Stuff News

Stuff news: ‘Activists cradle dead chickens on Wellington waterfront for National Animal Rights Day’ 

06 Jun 2022

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Animal Activism Mentorship

Animal Activism Mentorship: Activism through Writing ~ An Activist's journey with publishing

20 may 2022


May Safely Graze

Featured on May Safely Graze website as part of the 'Vegan Mothers and Daughters' series 

14 May 2022


Unchained TV

Unchained TV: Vegan Author’s Dystopian Visions

26 July 2021

unchained article.JPG

Unchained TV and Voice America Radio

Interviewed by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Unchained TV and Voice America Radio:

'Trilogy Suspense Novelist Reveals: Can Words Kill?'

19 July 2021

unchained TV.JPG

Liberation Hour Radio

Liberation Hour Radio: To celebrate the publishing of 'It Was In Our Hands', Interview about the trilogy and activism in general 

3 July 2021

LibHour Radio Logo.JPG

Vegan FTA

Interviewed by Jackie Norman and Gareth Scurr for Vegan FTA.

'All Oppressions are Connected'

24 February 2021

Vegan FTA Logo_edited.jpg

The University of Edinburgh

Featured postgraduate alumna of The University Of Edinburgh, Scotland (MSc, Gender and Society 2002). Combining feminism and animal rights with becoming a published author

3 March 2020

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