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The Liberation Trilogy

A fast-paced, page-turning, 'can't put it down' tale of love, loss, violence, bravery, compassion and friendship. A thrilling, eventful, and often unpredictable rollercoaster. You do not need to be vegan or an activist to find yourself completely enthralled by the gripping and powerful story of The Liberation Trilogy. 

“As relevant to our generation as George Orwell's 1984 was to his. It should be required reading for everyone.” 
Louise Jane, VCA

Suitable for mature Young Adults 

* In some places, you might still find the books in their old covers:

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Award-winning, The Shed, tells the story of Sunny, a girl living in a community on a farm in a seemingly apocalyptic world. The farm has strict rules that are firmly observed, and especially the rule that girls like Sunny must not enter The Shed, an imposing building inside the farm. Only grown women are allowed in, but even then, some who go in never come back. One night the farm is raided and some are taken. A few years later, when Sunny’s friends are summoned to The Shed, Sunny‘s mother orders her to escape. But Sunny’s path of escape still leads her right inside The Shed. What will she find there? Why was the farm raided and what world awaits beyond it?


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In this award-winning sequel to THE SHED, we return to Sunny, an escapee from a farm where she was kept as a dairy slave. She is now an activist who fights to liberate other slaves from their hopeless, grim destiny. The dangerous and relentless battle for total liberation provides for many suspenseful encounters, as well as several unexpected discoveries. As romance buds in the activists’ bunker, an old villain returns to Sunny’s life through an unexpected turn of events, with the promise that she had changed. But can she be trusted? 

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Sunny, a seasoned, long-time activist who fights to liberate enslaved and exploited victims, is herself an escapee from a farm where she was kept as a slave. Years of battling for total liberation did not dampen her highly developed sense of justice. But time has come to take the fight into a brand-new arena – the treacherous political one. Could the Liberation Amendment be passed into law? And if so, at what cost? The Liberation saga powerfully ends with this award-winning, eventful, emotional rollercoaster. A tale of love, loss, violence, bravery, compassion and friendship.

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