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DEAR TUI, a Warning

A dark, gritty, relentless, and gripping tale of society's disintegration due to the impacts of climate change. The world is captured through the eyes of a girl, Juniper Hawthorne, growing up into a dystopian reality, between the years 2023 and 2063.

"This brilliant, gripping, page-turner of a novel is a warning to all of us. It should be mandatory reading. Let's pray its prophecies don't come true." 

Jane Velez-Mitchell, New York Times best-selling author, UnchainedTV founder

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In 2023, nine-year-old Juniper Hawthorne, is playing happily on the beach near her house, with her older brother. Climate change is a real, impending threat, of which Juniper is very much aware. But it is a creeping evil, rather than a colossal, big-bang event, so, what would her life look like, growing up? How would she be impacted by this elusive, unknown, slow-brewing catastrophe? This powerful, gut-wrenching, relentless story follows Juniper throughout her life, in steady time-leaps, to reveal how her life, her family, and society at large, face the demise of life on planet Earth as we know it.

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